Welcome to my Website

Here you will find information about my career and hobbies. Links to my Open Source work, blog posts and my House music podcast.

Systems engineer, passionate for web development and software architecture. 10+ years of experience working with software and App development. Vinyl House music lover and passionate for cars.

I am currently a software architect at Dom and Tom inc working with development teams, project managers, designers and UX.


  • PHP
    • Laravel Framework
    • GraphQL
    • REST Api’s
  • Node JS
    • Express JS
    • Loopback
    • GraphQL
    • REST Api’s
  • Lambda
  • GCP Cloud Functions
  • AWS App sync
  • AWS services
  • GCP Professional cloud Architect
  • Docker
  • Rancher server
  • React
  • Redux – Saga
  • Vue JS
  • Jquery

Live Coding #EStreamerCoders

Construyendo Eventis con Laravel Nova

Open Source

Laravel API starter kit

Laravel API Starter Kit to create awesome REST API's

Lighthouse Passport Auth

Mutations to add basic Authentication to a Lighthouse GraphQL server in Laravel. This package adds Mutations based on Laravel Passport

Laravel Tactician

A Command bus implementation for laravel based on the Tactician Command Bus from PHP League.

Docker nginx-php 7.3

Docker image for PHP projects, it has Nginx, PHP FPM and CLI.

Electrovibes Podcast

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