About Me

Jose Fonseca

Systems engineer, passionate for web development and software architecture. 10+ years of experience working with software and App development. Vinyl House music lover and passionate for cars.

I am currently a software architect at Dom and Tom inc working with development teams, project managers, designers and UX.


Backend & Frontend

Laravel Framework

I've been working with Laravel since version 4.1, from full monolith websites and applications to REST and GraphQL APIs.

Node JS
Node JS

I've worked with different Node JS frameworks, building full REST and GraphQL APIs and microservices.

React JS

I work with react JS for frontend interfaces, using redux for state management, Apollo GraphQL for API data fetching and many other libraries.

Vue JS
Vue JS

I work with vue JS for frontend interfaces mostly in Laravel Nova.



I work with AWS services to deploy and monitor applications. Most used services are RDS, EC2, Route 53, Cloudfront, S3, SES, SNS.

Google Cloud Platform
Google cloud Platform

I am a Google cloud certified professional cloud architect. Currently using Compute Engine and Firebase to host a few projects.


I run most of my projects using docker containers for development, staging and production environments, orchestrating them with docker-compose, Rancher server and Kubernetes.

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